2023 Main Event Conference – CD Album


The 2023 Main Event CD album is available now!  The October Event of 5 new messages from Perry Stone, and messages by Ron Carpenter, Jentezen Franklin, and John Kilpatrick on audio CD. 


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The 2023 Main Event Conference is now available on CD. This album includes all 8 powerful messages from Perry Stone, Ron Carpenter, Jentezen Franklin, and John Kilpatrick. 

In this CD album, you receive all of the following 8 messages.

CD #1 – The Mystery that Satan Tries to Keep You from Discovering (Perry Stone)
CD #2 – It's An Inside Job! (Ron Carpenter)
CD #3 – A Stern Warning to All Rapture Scoffers (Perry Stone)
CD #4 – I Am Not a Professional Christian (Jentezen Franklin)
CD #5 – Correcting Errors Being Taught Concerning the Great Tribulation (Perry Stone)
CD #6 – First the Attack, Then the Blessing (John Kilpatrick)
CD #7 – The Prophetic Missing Link of the Sign of Christ's Return (Perry Stone)
CD #8 – Shutting the Door on Satan's Ability to Get into Your Life! (Perry Stone)

What an incredible time in the Lord! The 2023 Main Event did not disappoint! Experience a personal spiritual breakthrough, fresh knowledge, and a new understanding, and tap into God’s wisdom from the 3 morning speakers (Ron Carpenter, Jentezen Franklin, and John Kilpatrick) along with Perry Stone’s 5 NEW messages which include 3 major prophetic updates and 2 messages on warfare!

These 8 messages will help set an unshakable path for your spiritual walk, and your expectations of a victorious outcome, and prepare you prophetically for the future. You will enjoy listening to this entire conference while being fed and encouraged.

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