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A bundle of 3 of Perry Stone’s most requested books is being featured and bundled together! 
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Included in this 3-book bundle offer you receive one of each of these popular books by Perry Stone.

There's a Crack in Your Armor – As believers, we are assigned special God gear for protection—the spiritual armor that is described by Paul in Ephesians 6. What many people don’t know is that the success of this gear is dependent upon our knowledge of these weapons and our insight into the warfare strategies of the adversary. In There’s a Crack in Your Armor, best-selling author Perry Stone shows you how to protect and effectively wield your spiritual armor. BK-008

The Judas Goat – Tens of thousands of people are no longer attending church, often because of a Judas Goat! Years ago, certain farmers trained a crafty goat to graze among the sheep, gaining their trust in the field. When the day came for the sheep’s slaughter, the Judas Goat led the sheep up the ramp, but this ‘betraying goat’ escaped through a special door, while the sheep went up a separate ramp, meeting their deaths! For you, the Judas Goat can be a broken marriage covenant or church members and friends that have destroyed your trust. A Judas Goat will befriend you today and betray you in the future.  BK-005

Scarlet Threads – Perry Stone takes you on a tour of the prayer life of several women of the Bible to show you how to pray effectively for your family. Focusing on the story of Rahab, whose covenant with God was symbolized by a scarlet thread hanging from her window, he provides specific, practical prayers and examples that will help you access your spiritual authority to keep your family safe.  Discover the undeniable power of praying women.  BK-009

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