#8 Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled – Seal of Satan Package




Offer ST-94 “#8 Unusual Prophecies being Fulfilled – the Seal of Satan” is a powerful package with Perry's #8 book from his series “Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled” along with an audio cd, “Breaking Satanic Hedges and Covenants.”

The Apocalypse predicts that there is a “Seal of Satan” to be forced upon the inhabitants of the entire nations in the future! In his newest book, book number Eight of the series, Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled Perry Stone will unlock one of the Greatest Biblical Mysteries, the famous 666-the Mark of the Beast. In this 148 page book Perry explains how national debt crisis, unemployment, food and water shortage will be the three triggers to introduce the Biblical Antichrist. He also shows the impact and prophetic insight of the recent Middle East upraising and how China, “The Great Red Dragon”, will be the leading King of the East- prior to and during the tribulation and how a future Chinese leader may have a parallel to Revelation 13!

Perry also reveals the Islamic link to the mark, name and number of the Beast! He also exposes and updates the hidden agenda as to why some in the government have attempted to force a new health care system on the American population! The book includes Perry’s 8 significant suggestions you must do for living in the last days.

Included with the New Book, is a powerful audio CD every parent needs to hear, “Breaking Satanic Covenants and Hedges! This message exposes how Satan builds a hedge around your unsaved children and family, plotting to bring them into a Covenant of pre-mature death. Many believers are aborting their prayer and spiritual breakthroughs through the negative confessions from their mouths after praying! Perry’s partners have said this revelation will change your situation and help you penetrate the barriers built by Satan and teach you how to commission angels to bring in your lost children and family members!

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