Addictions 4-Part Manna-Fest Series with Tony Scott DVD



Now on DVD all 4 Manna-Fest programs with Perry Stone and Tony Scott as they give powerful insight into “Breaking the Power of an Addiction.”

A special four-week series on Manna-Fest including some of the best discussions and insightful teaching from Perry and special guest, Tony Scott on breaking the power of addiction is now available.  This series of teaching on the number one problem facing millions around the world is now exposed and light shed on how to break this off of your life.  On this DVD are all 4 of the Manna-Fest programs with insightful teaching and understanding more about addictions and deliverance.

Addictions take, destroy and ruin lives every day. A weapon of warfare used by the enemy to kill, steal and destroy. Whether personally battling an addiction or having a friend or loved one facing addiction, this resource is a powerful tool to find help and be an overcomer.

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