Americas Apocalyptic Reset

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Perry's latest prophetic book released in 2021 is available!  Perry unmasks the radical's blueprints to silence Christians, Patriots, and Conservatives and asks, “Has America arrived at her assignment as a Judeo-Christian-based Empire?”


It's arrived! Perry's latest 2021 book release… America's Apocalyptic Reset –  A MUST READ FOR EVERY PATRIOTIC-LOVING AMERICAN

This book is being called the most important prophetic document in print in recent years! Several chapters are so “content-sensitive” that the material will not be placed on social media or on television. Topics included in this book:

  •  Plans for a Global Reset
  •  Christians Facing the Courts of Babylon
  •  The Coming Persecution Against Christianity in America
  •  Should Christians Resist or Submit to a Corrupt Government?
  •  The Balaam Plot and America's Self-Cure
  •  Necessary Resistance: Elijah and Jezebel – The Coming Clash
  •  Going Underground: The Secret Strategies of Oppressed People
  •  The Woman Who Would be President
  •  The Rise of the  Trump Stump
  •  How Can the Prophets Get it Wrong?
  •  Silicon Valley: The Land of Sand
  •  What the Deep State Did to My Friend
  •  America: Where Ancient Empires Meet
  •  Has America Entered Her Fullness of Time?

Unmasking the Radical's Blueprints to silence Christians, Patriots, and Conservatives – America's Apocalyptic Reset.


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  1. Ingrid Bothma

    The Title tells me it is a must read for me. Though non American, having lived in California longer ago, with eyes wide open, I ask myself that very same question when this started in the US..the dark forces have opened themselves up to be seen! I’m living in South Africa. The country where one learns most about people and the spiritual clashes, unseen to those who do not know the HOLY SPIRIT. I knew what is really happening in the US when I watched the inauguration of the President who came from nowhere, could not prove where he was borne and his father lived in Kenya. Greetings

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