Breaking the Code of the Feasts


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This book will teach you amazing insight into the prophetic layers that encode the future, in many Old Testament stories. As Perry peels away the thin veil, you will see how God has detailed future events in the fall feasts and celebrations of Israel.

Topics include:

  • God’s Best Kept Secret
  • The Progression of Revelation
  • The Exodus Code
  • The Tribulation Code in Gideon’s Story
  • Secrets Hidden in the Parables
  • The Armageddon Code Hidden in Esther
  • The Future Hidden in the Fall Feasts of Israel
  • Moving from Redemption to Resurrection
  • The Awesome Revelation Discovered in Genesis 22

Perry believes people will be amazed to see how God concealed events will be understood in our generation. We believe Breaking the Code of the Feasts will become an end-time prophetic classic in the body of Christ!

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