The Timing of the Restoration of the Prophetic


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CD – The Timing of the Restoration of the Prophetic

From AD 70 until the late 1800’s, there were few prophecies being fulfilled indicating the soon return of Christ. The Apostolic concept of Christ’s imminent return was replaced in AD 100 by the view of a distant and imminent Tribulation and rise of the Antichrist. By the 5th century AD, prophetic confusion resulted in the wide-spread allegorical interpretation of the book of Revelation. This veil of prophetic darkness covered mankind for thirteen centuries, until after the Civil War in America and the rise of the Zionist Movement. On this CD, follow the prophetic trail as Perry details the rise, fall, and then restoration of the prophetic revelation regarding the return of the Messiah. A truly amazing and eye opening message preached in Tyler, Texas.


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