Spiritual Wickedness in High Places/Failure of America Combo



Epic Times Two CD Combo –  Receive 2 special paired CD messages relative to present-day events!

CD213 – Spiritual Wickedness in High Places

One of the lesser taught warfare mysteries is Paul’s statement in Ephesians 6:12 that says we wrestle against “Spiritual wickedness in High Places.” While “high places” alludes to “the heavenlies” or the upper world (second heaven), there are globally high places of governmental authority under the dominion of wicked spirits. This one-hour audio CD will explore various narratives, including Paul’s insight and how these spirits operate.

CD214 – The Failure of America's New Gods

There is an amazing prophetic parallel found in 1 Kings 12, detailing a strange aspect of Israel’s ancient division between the northern and southern kingdoms. It runs parallel with the history of America’s division between the liberal views of the northern state and the more conservative views of the south (southeastern states).  State leaders are accepting new “gods” that will eventually lead to our demise. People living in the north and south must return to the true God ¬– Yahweh – if we desire supernatural favor and blessing.

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