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Meal that Heals communion kit and book, “The Meal that Heals II” now available.  Understand the covenant in communion.

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“The Meal that Heals Communion Package” was first released on Manna-Fest in 2003 and then re-aired years later with Perry's expanded edition of the original writing on the Meal that Heals. Due to several requests, we have elected to bring this back and make it available again for purchase.

In this special package, you receive Perry's revolutionary expanded book, “The Meal that Heals II” accompanied by the Manna-Fest communion kit for 2 and a bonus CD on healing. This edition of the book explains in detail the importance of receiving daily communion for intimacy with Christ and for healing. This book is a 2nd release of the original writing on The Meal that Heals and includes additional research and resource. The accompanying communion kit comes in a black leather pouch including scripture verses, 2 stainless steel cups in a holder, a juice vial, funnel, and communion bread container.  Many testimonies have shared how applying this teaching has brought healing to their lives. When you fully understand communion and the covenant provided by Christ at Calvary and applying this to your life, you will experience the faithfulness of covenant with God.


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