Defeating Satan’s Toughest Attacks


This 2 CD album  provides a battle plan for victory over mental and physical attacks.

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Defeating Satan's' Toughest Attacks – There is a battle plan for victory over mental and physical attacks!

CD 1: Dealing with Depression, Oppression and Suicidal Thoughts
There are a possible 5 reasons that people end their life. We must understand the natural and spiritual roots behind isolation, the feeling of hopelessness and why people give up on life. There is some practical and Biblical advice Perry gives to help those in these types of emotional and mental battles.

CD 2: Defeating the Spirit of the Double Curse
Perry take you back to the underground paradise that existed under the earth for 4,000 years, and how Adam was created from both dust and God ‘s breath, which made him (and us) a man of two worlds; the earthly and the heavenly. Perry explains how heaven will only act on our behalf, when we first respond to spiritual principles on earth and details how Christ took our sickness and sins upon his body in the garden and why, if he carried our sickness, we must release any disease by faith to be healed through his stripes (Isa 53:5; 1 Pet. 2:4). A victorious message for those needing healing!

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