Discover the Prophetic Seasons We Are Entering

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6 Powerful Messages on Prophetic Seasons – which encompass Chronicles of the Day of the Lord, Mysteries Connected to the Rapture, Discerning Times and Seasons and more! 

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Hear Perry Stone explain in detail: DISCOVER THE PROPHETIC SEASONS WE ARE ENTERING which is a 6 audio cd album on prophecy. The messages include:

Chronicles of the Day of the Lord – (Preached in Hamilton Ohio 2018)
The day of the Lord is a strong theme in the Bible and refers to a set time when God will transition the world spiritually and politically. Few ministers ever preach on the Day of the Lord, yet this is where the world is headed prophetically. Perry uses numerous verses to comment on this power day in the future.

Spirits that are Battling Your Children– (Preached in Knoxville TN 2018)
The greatest warfare is when your children are addicted, in bondage or not in service with God. This message will dig into the Satanic warfare and help parents or grandparents have the weapons to defeat the spirits attacking their children!

Warring for the Fulfillment of Ancient Prophecies – (Preached in Knoxville TN 2018)
The greatest expose in the Bible that gives understanding of true spiritual warfare with demonic powers is concealed in the book of Daniel. The battles from chapters 10-12, are the reason for a strong prince demon resisting Daniel for three weeks. This is a much-needed message to explore the reasoning behind Satanic interference in America, the world and in your personal life.

Discerning the Times and the Seasons we are in – (Preached in Maumee OH 2018)
The heavens will receive Christ until a specific collision of times and seasons (Acts 1:7) and after a major restitution of all things (Acts 3:21). When times and seasons collide then the fullness of times occurs and this becomes the activity that leads to the return of Christ! Discover what time we are in!

Strange Mysteries Connected to the Rapture – (Preached in Tipp City OH 2018)
How can so many people suddenly disappear, and yet the New Testament is silent on the world ‘s reaction – or is it silent? Why does the world enter complete chaos, fighting, and rationing of food early in the tribulation? The key is to understand the EMP effect of lightning at the Rapture and other mysteries Perry expounds upon in this detailed expose on the strange mysteries of Christ ‘s return!

When Earthly Times and Prophecy Collides – (Preached in Tipp City OH 2018)
God has set specific events in times and seasons and uses specific time cycles to invoke His spoken Word to earth ‘s inhabitants. Prophecy is fulfilled in single events or a combination of events occurring all at once. When earthly times and the prophetic events collide, there is a compression of time and the other prophecies begin to move at a faster rate toward their fulfillment. This message deals with the time compression in many ancient Biblical predictions.


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