Double Portion Special – Epic Times Prophetic Summit CD and Intl Camp Meeting CD Album


DOUBLE PORTION SPECIAL OFFER – Receive Epic Times 2020 Prophetic Summit on CD in addition to the International Camp Meeting CD Album- 2 conference-filled messages bundled together!


In this DOUBLE PORTION – Special Offer – You receive the complete Epic Times Prophetic Summit on CD (8 prophetic messages by Perry Stone and Bill Cloud). In addition to this album,  you will also receive a second cd album – The International Camp Meeting. 

The 8 Epic Times messages are prophetic teachings surrounding one of the most eventful periods in recent history and the 8 messages include:

CD #1 – The Hebraic-Prophetic Code Concealed in 7 Kingdom Parables (Perry Stone)
CD #2 – The Beginning of Sorrows (Bill Cloud)
CD #3 – The New 70 Year Prophetic Cycle and Latest End-Time Signs (Perry Stone)
CD #4 – America-Epicenter for the Next Social Revolution  (Perry Stone)
CD #5 – When God Hides His Face (Bill Cloud)
CD #6 – Israel Prodigies Being Fulfilled – Final Birth Pangs of the Messiah (Perry Stone)
CD #7– The Fight for America (Bill Cloud)
CD #8 – America in Crisis – The Sign of Fires, the Ax, and the Tree (Perry Stone)

The bonus 8 messages from The International Camp Meeting that are included as a bonus include the following messages and speakers:

CD #1 – Deities on Trial (Perry Stone)
CD #2 – Hear O Israel (Tommy Bates)
CD #3 – Confusion in America's Prophetic Camps (Perry Stone)
CD #4 – Anointed Thinking (Ron Carpenter)
CD #5 –The Prophetic Meaning of 2020 and 5750 (Perry Stone))
CD #6 – Issues (John Kilpatrick)
CD #7– America's Perfect Storm (Perry Stone)
CD #8 – Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage (Perry Stone)


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