Unlocking the Millennial Code – DVD


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It is the least preached about and least understood subject among Christians, yet it is the greatest upcoming event for believers – The Millennial Kingdom; the events before, during, and after the 1,000-year reign of Christ. On this two hour DVD, Perry Stone begins his study from Jerusalem and describes the climax of the tribulation, the heavenly Marriage Supper, and the order of heavenly and earthly events during the final 48 hours leading to Christ's return! Follow the location of the three battles in Israel where Christ will engage the nations to save the Jewish remnant! Learn about astonishing changes that will impact you as a believer during the 1000 years, including life in the Millennial reign. Learn about the Arabah transformation, and the Dead Sea changes already occurring as God is arranging events in Israel for the Messiah's return! Discover why Satan will be loosed for a season and the identity of Gog and Magog; the army organizing to overthrow Jerusalem! Learn fresh insight concerning the new heaven and new earth and the White Throne Judgment! Perry answers the most intriguing and difficult questions many have asked him on this subject! Ninety minutes of this new DVD was taped in Jerusalem and the conclusion was recorded in the Manna-Fest TV studio, where Perry explains Ezekiel's vision of the future Millennial Temple!

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