Exposing Satan’s Playbook Audio Book


Understanding the enemy’s tactics in warfare – now on audio CD!

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You may find the busyness of life limits your time to read and seek spiritual enrichment. Some of Perry's greatest novels are available on audio CD which provides a great opportunity to hear a powerful word and be refreshed and encouraged spiritually.

This audiobook, Exposing Satan's Playbook gives insight into strategies used by the enemy and a “pre-attack download” with answers to important questions about combating those strategies. Now you can play these CDs to listen and strengthen your mind, body, soul, and spirit!  Topics in this audiobook include:

• Can Satan read my mind or know God's will?

• Can he take my life prematurely?

• How can his plans be defeated?

Expand your understanding of spiritual warfare, and become a force to be reckoned with against the powers of darkness. This book remains available in paperback from the website as BK-PLAY.

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