Federal End of Time Warnings Package – CD

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Receive 5 CD messages with 3 teachings on end-time and 2 on spiritual warfare that every believer needs in preparation for today’s times.  Explore the realm of angelic warfare and the beast monetary system which is fast approaching.  As a bonus, Perry includes his message, “End Time Secrets Hidden in the Parables of Jesus” on interpreting great parables to explain mysteries surrounding modern events.

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In this offer, you receive insight from five audio messages to enlighten the nearness of the return of Christ as foretold in the Bible.

2CD420 – Perry’s 2-CD audio album, “The Doom of Cash and the Future Beast Monetary System” shedding light on how we purchase and sell goods and services is going to radically change in the not-too-distant future. Perry explains the history of money and explores the eventual arrival of a new global economic system that will be under the control of the “beast empire” seen by John in Revelation 13.

2CD421 Perry’s 2-CD audio teaching, “Angelic Warfare & Satanic Assignments During Prophetic Seasons” explains that we are engaged in an invisible battle – a clash between warring angels and demonic principalities.  The kingdom of darkness is attempting to disrupt the fulfillment of prophecies during prophetic seasons.

CD070 – End Times Secrets Hidden in the Parables of Jesus is a bonus CD in this offer in which Perry shares that many of the great parables of Jesus are stories that encode prophetic mysteries and future events related to the return of Christ.


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