Fire on the Altar by Fred Stone


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Many Christians are right where the enemy wants them to be: weak, powerless, and defeated. Weak and powerless Christians don't benefit the kingdom of God, nor can they do much damage to the kingdom of Satan. Why stay in that condition? Every believer already has the power and authority to witness and spread the gospel. Experience signs, wonders, and miracles See deliverance and answers to prayer Receive revelation to know the mind of God. Know the cause of trouble and strife. Be warned in advance of trouble on the horizon. Defeat the enemy's plans. Live victoriously in these last days!

In Fire on the Altar, Fred Stone shares personal ministry stories that read like the book of Acts. The book is both a personal story and a study of the gifts of the Spirit. You will read about Fred's background, being called into the ministry, and the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in his life and ministry. Fred shares many amazing first-hand accounts of physical and mental healings, dreams, visions, and other testimonies. These stories, along with his explanation of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit, will inspire you and ignite a fire in your heart to grow stronger in the Lord.

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