Forgiveness Bundled Offer


A special bundled offer of resources related to forgiveness and winning your loved ones is featured at a special price for a limited time only.

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Included in this specially bundled featured offer you receive one of each of the following:

  • Perry's book, Fishing in the Sea of Forgetfulness which explains how that “sin recall” and “unforgiveness” opens a door allowing spiritual attacks on believers.
  • Perry's book, Judas Goat deals with betrayal and finding the strength to forgive and warns of some people who operate with ulterior motives.
  • CD- Ways to Win Your Family gives you keys to unlock the door of God’s power and conviction in your family to bring about salvation.
  • CD- When Satan Takes you to Court shares how to respond when guilt, shame, and condemnation assault you through the voice of the enemy.

This is a limited-time, featured offer so order today while this package remains available.

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