God’s Prophetic Agenda Pkg


Unlocking God’s Prophetic Agenda – 6 messages of prophetic revelation selected by Perry for fresh insight on If the Tribulation has Begun, Prophetic Seasons, The Passover Shini, Dispensation of Time and End Time Spirits. God’s Prophetic Agenda with a bonus message-The Weather Factor.


This Manna-Fest offer includes 6 prophetic messages personally selected by Perry to explain where we are in the calendar of end times. With these 6 prophetic messages you receive an additional single cd message, “The Weather Factor” which relates to signs of the times and answers the tough question, “Why Does Disaster Happen to Good people?

The 6 prophetic messages included in this album are:

  • Has the Tribulation Already Begun?
  • How to Pray to Release Angels During Prophetic Seasons
    • – Perry shares to pray a hedge over your children from God's Word, as he shares Jacob prayed for the angel who delivered him to be the same one who protects his children from the adversary
    • – Prophetic Words being fulfilled pushes the clock to the adversary's end which intensifies demonic battles (mental, physical, spiritual, etc.)
  • The Lot Principle for Escaping End-Time Judgements
  • The Passover Shini – God’s Prophetic Purpose
    • Perry explains Passover Shini- the 2nd Passover – God Gives a 2nd Chance- A Comeback Story – Sampson being one of the greatest examples of this truth
  • When God Changed the Dispensation of Time
  • Seven Prince Spirits Released by the Dragon

Receive all 6 of these prophetic messages in addition to Perry's message, “The Weather Factor – The Shaking of Heaven & Earth”.

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