Jerusalem Prophecies Package



Jerusalem is the single most important key that unlocks the door to the coming Tribulation and return of Christ. Satan knows his time is short when he sees the Jerusalem Prophecies that are coming to pass. Perry sheds new light on many Biblical prophecies, including many obscure predictions. With pictures, video clips, and scripture you will see and hear these ancient predictions indicating how God is preparing JERUSALEM for the Messiah's return. Also included in this package is the audio CD, “Are Islamic Prophecies Pointing to the President?” Is it prophetic that the U.S. administration has begun favoring Islam and is turning a cold shoulder to Israel? Discover the 14th-century Islamic sermon in Damascus that may have set in motion world-changing events from 1979 to 2008! See how these events fit into Biblical scenarios for the time we now live, and for the last days that many Christians, Muslims, and Jews believe we are entering.

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