Jerusalem Prophecies


Jerusalem Prophecies – ITEM3 DV134

Jerusalem is the single most important key that unlocks the door to the coming Tribulation and return of Christ.  

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Anyone who enjoys prophetic teaching will love this dvd by Perry’! Satan knows his time is short when he sees the Jerusalem Prophecies that are coming to pass. Perry sheds new light on many Biblical prophecies, including many obscure predictions fulfilled recently. Do you know about the Israeli discovery of the crimson worm needed for the future garments of the priests, or the Jewish families creating the harps of David, which are a rabbinical sign of the Messiah’s return? Discover the organizations studying and preparing the actual sacred vessels of gold, silver and brass for the third temple in Jerusalem! Perry explains prophecies concerning the gates of Jerusalem, and the Ezekiel visions of the Israeli Army. See and hear recent discoveries found on Mount Zion! With pictures, video clips, and scripture you will see and hear these ancient predictions indicating how God is preparing JERUSALEM for the Messiah’s return.