Living with a Man in Two Worlds Book


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Those who have listened to Perry preach for years have heard him tell many stories of how he met Pam, how the ministry was birthed, and where the ministry is headed. Pam has generally stayed in the background, working diligently as a wife, mother, and invaluable member of the ministry’s support staff. But finally, by popular demand, she has written her own book to tell these stories from her viewpoint.


In this book, Pam begins with highlights of her own personal life story before she met and married Perry. She reveals the ups and downs of ministry (and of life with a husband who also happens to be an international evangelist). This collection of stories will provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Pam’s early upbringing and personal struggles, which led to marriage, children, growth of the Voice of Evangelism Outreach Ministries, and birth of Omega Center International.


Since Pam prefers to remain out of the spotlight, she says this will be both her first and last book. Unless, of course, someone can convince her to write a cookbook.

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