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The book, “Living with a Man in Two Worlds” by Pam Stone is now available! This package includes a copy of Pam's book and a special 2-CD audio album.

In her book, Pam will share from her viewpoint highlights of her own personal life story before she met and married Perry. She shares stories and events from the walk of ministry with an international evangelist. This includes both her personal story and some of the life changing expereinces from serving in the ministry. Enjoy this glimpse into her early upbringing and personal struggles, and the birth and future of VOE and OCI ministries. You will be blessed and encouraged as you read her story.

Also included is a 2-CD audio album, “Bored of the Rings” taught by Perry at a conference on keeping your marriage fresh. You will laugh and be blessed by this powerful truth of caring for and preserving your marriage and relationship. In the day in which we live, it is more important than ever before to cherish and protect your marriage. With all that pulls on our lives daily, we must be careful not to neglect such a vital entity orgained by God.

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