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This Manna-Fest offer includes two different  Digital Download Albums.  Each album includes two separate audio teachings for a total of four audio messages.

Will Jesus Return by 2033?  and The Soon Closing Out of the Church Age were recently featured in the latest issue of Voice of Evangelism magazine.
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This Manna-Fest Offer includes two of Perry's most recent teachings featured in this issue of the Voice of Evangelism Magazine:

The Soon Closing Out of the Church Age (2 MP3 Messages): The Church Age, also known as the Dispensation of the Grace of God, will eventually come to a conclusion with Christ’s return; then the wrath of God will be globally released. In this two-lesson audio series, discover details on how, why, and when this major prophetic transition will occur! This is a very powerful message filled with fantastic insight that provides the keys to an understanding of soon-coming events.

Will Jesus Return By 2033? (2 MP3 Messages): Perry does not set dates for Christ’s return, as “no man knows the day nor the hour” (Matt. 24:36). However, there are some interesting facts linked with the year 2033 that carry prophetic implications. These two audio teachings are eye-opening and thought-provoking and examine when the timing of the dispensation of grace began in approximately 33 AD, which should be the beginning of the prophetic cycle count. A must-hear for lovers of prophetic teaching.

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1 review for Manna-Fest Offer PR-138 Digital Download

  1. LadyLiberTEA (verified owner)

    Perry always bravely pioneeringly sharing insights from God, this is so timely to help the church body of Christ understand the Biblical time now like the Bible exhorts (many times but most notably for us now Thess.5:1-11).

    Preparing the church stokes the fire of our final oppty “to be found worthy to stand before” heaven’s Bema Seat award of eternal inheritance privilege rank/rewards for helping the Great Commission send the Gospel to all tongues, when Jesus snatches His bride up from the climax of this satanically fallen world prequel to God’s sequel (as new convert Saul/Paul’s first letters excitedly repeated his first message to the new church, in Thessalonica).


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