Marked with Promise (Kindle Edition)


This product is a Kindle ebook that is downloadable and available for immediate viewing. 


This product is a Kindle ebook.  It's downloadable and available for immediate viewing. 

When God formed the cosmos, He peered into the future knowing this day would come. There is a final generation rising, that will initiate the end-time outpouring leading to the return of the Messiah. There is a reason this generation of youth is fought, relentlessly, with temptation on such a perverse level. It is because they are marked with a spiritual promise! Every parent and youth should read this book, Perry ‘s newest and most important book for this generation. Discover your destiny and how Satan attempts to disrupt, stop, or destroy your potential!

Subjects include:

  • The 10 Laws of the Will and Keys to Opening Doors on Your Journey
  • Dangers in the Dating Game and Dangers When You Show and Tell
  • When the Enemy Discerns Divine Moments and The Day God Made the Devil Pay
  • The Coming Rural Awakening
  • Disabilities Don ‘t Make You Weird (my testimony about Autism)
  • Just a Little Can Make a Big Difference
  • The Bully on the Playground (dealing with bullying)

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