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This offer includes three dynamic resources to help you discover God's will for your life! Marked with Promise delves into topics such as the danger of the internet, how God will make the devil pay in your crisis, ten laws of the will and more! Also, you receive a copy of Perry's book, “The Judas Goat” which shares on when believers sin against other believers and having outer court people in your inner court that leads to hurts and warfare. In addition, you will recieve the audio CD message, “If I were the President: the Prophetic Message God gave me for President Donald Trump”. Perry shares about the 5 crisis zones President Trump will have to deal with in the next 4 years. Perry shares 3 danger zones in the United States and what he will need to do in preparation for national disasters that are getting ready to happen.

Perry believes these resources are not only prophetic but practical. One book deals with tthe will of God and the other deals with the number one thing that hinders most people from receiving from God: bitterness and un-forgiveness! Order now!

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