MHDVD Meal That Heals – Series 1 (DVD)


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This DVD contains all 6 weeks of the original series taught on the Manna Fest TV Program entitled, “The Meal That Heals”. The Biblical revelation contained in this DVD will not only challenge your spirit, but could possibly extend the days of your life! Several years ago, Dr. John Miller first introduced this truth to Perry Stone. Perry believes this revelation of daily Communion has been lost in the traditional church, but is being revived in this final hour as the ultimate New Covenant weapon to attack sickness and bring healing in the lives of Christians! This is not just another message, but a life-changing spiritual revelation of God's healing covenant through the bread and the fruit of the vine. This is the original series. Series II which aired on Manna-Fest in May-June of 2005 is now available on DVD and VHS. For Series II please see product: DV097

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