The Mystery of the Seven Feasts of Israel – DVD Set



The Mystery of the Seven Feasts of Israel DVD Set

In this Manna-Fest offer, you receive a total of 11 DVDs which are included in a compact album.   Delve into the mystery of the 7 Feasts of Israel as Perry and Bill Cloud share powerful illustrated messages to reveal Biblical truth in the significance of Israel's Feasts. You will enjoy learning and relating to the seven Feasts of Israel and gain an understanding of each of them.  

A total of 11 DVD teachings by Perry Stone and Bill Cloud on the Seven Feasts of Israel. Messages include:

  • The Set-Up of God's Divine Calendar/ The 7 Festivals: The Biblical Foundation – Perry Stone
  • The Festival of Passover: Illustrated – Bill Cloud
  • The Festival of Unleavened Bread: Illustrated – Bill Cloud
  • The Amazing Festival of First Fruits – Perry Stone
  • The Mystery of Pentecost – Bill Cloud
  • The Memorial of Trumpets – Perry Stone
  • Prophecies Concealed in the Fall Festivals – Perry Stone
  • The Day of Atonement: Prophetic Parallels – Perry Stone
  • The Seasons of Joy: Tabernacles – Bill Cloud
  • Prophetic Patterns in Israel's Harvest Cycles – Perry Stone
  • Restoring the Days of God's Glory – Perry Stone



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