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Your words can open up the gate of heaven!!

Prayer must come from the heart, out of the mouth and into the ear of the Father! Have you ever wondered why some of your prayers go unanswered? Does it seem the gates of heaven are closed over your head? Is your prayer life hindered or frustrated, leaving you wordless in Communing with God? Do you know why at times God says no, or the things that can prevent answered prayer? For answers to these and numerous other questions, you must read Perry Stone's new 250 page book, Opening the Gates of Heaven; his landmark and exhaustive revelation on prayer and the favor of God!

Perry will teach you:

o About the man who saw the gate of heaven

o The 5 main gates of the Holy Spirit

o The 7 laws of answered prayer

o How intercession will win the battle for your children

o How to release an angel of blessing in your home

o The inherit power of meditating on the Lord.

o 12 significant secrets my Father (Fred Stone) taught me about prayer

o When God places the Joseph ring of favor upon your finger

o The truth behind the seed and the harvest

o Should you prayer in the name Jesus or Yeshua?

o Making the impossible possible – and praying over “things” as a point of receiving a miracle

This book gives you Biblical solutions to unanswered prayer! The book also discloses the paths of releasing the favor of God upon your family and essential keys of opening a continual window of financial blessing in your life

The 17 chapters in this prayer transforming book will build your faith. Perry's practical, Biblical insight, mixed with numerous stories will help you make the impossible possible through effective prayer! Order now and receive with the book Perry's new audio CD, Jewish Secrets to Study and Memorization where Perry gives the rabbinical secrets including methods, foods to eat and the when, where and how to study, along with Jewish secrets to retaining and recalling biblical and practical important information – no matter what age you are!

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