Overcoming Addictions DVD


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Overcoming Addictions now available on a single DVD!

Recenly Perry Stone and guest Sharon Maloney shared and discussed powerful teachings on addictions. They explained how addictions affect the brain and the unseen side effects resulting from addiction. You can discover the grace, which gives us power through God’s love, to overcome addiction and to live a life of freedom. Through this anointed teaching the lives of the addicted can be changed by the delivering power of Jesus Christ.

These 6 powerful teachings that aired on the weekly Manna-Fest telecast program have been combined into a single DVD for you. The program topics include:

How Addictions Affect the Brain: Part 1

How Addictions Affect the Brain: Part 2

The invisible Side of an Addiction

A Little Toddy for the Body: Part 1

A Little Toddy for the Body: Part 2

Principles for Freedom from Bondages

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