The Perry Stone Hebraic Prophetic New Testament Study Bible – Standard Edition

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Perry’s New Testament in chestnut brown imitation leather includes his personal notes and commentary. This is an excellent study bible to grow in the knowledge of the Word.

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Perry Stone's New Testament Study Bible is taken from the King James translation and includes over 300,000 words of Perry Stone's personal commentary.

Over 10,000 sermon notes are penned with ink on stacks of yellow and white notepads, printed from a laptop, and placed in outline book form, filing cabinets, boxes, desk drawers, and closets. Now, after seven years of compiling a Bible Commentary, highlighting biblical nuggets, in-depth research information, ancient history, and Greek word studies, the Perry Stone New Testament with a 300,000-word study commentary is printed and available to everyone.

Kings James translation
A commentary with over 300,000 words
Personally written and compiled by Perry Stone
Special colored nugget boxes with detailed insight into interspecific passages
In-Depth articles at the conclusion of the 27 New Testament books
Good readable print in the Bible and the commentary
Glean from 40 years of ministry research
Printed in the United States


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Weight 39 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

47 reviews for The Perry Stone Hebraic Prophetic New Testament Study Bible – Standard Edition

  1. mccarterw

    I just CAN’T read King James. Four hundred + year old English is ridiculous. If you publish in the new King James, or, my preference, the NASB, I’ll gladly and happily purchase one of these books. I’m not reading King James.

  2. kim soles

    I have several different study bibles over the years, BUT this one is the BEST, and is worth every cent!!! I would REALLY love the old testament, but I just can’t pay $200.00 for it!! I am going to start saving for it though, and maybe I can afford it by Christmas….I have not been un-happy with ANY of Perry Stones products!!!

  3. Michael Alvarez

    I had a opportunity to read the hole Bible commentary with the scriptures and I am a witness to the profound Hebraic knowledge that this work has. It is not intended to be a commentary but a overview of the meaning for us thru the eyes of the Hebrew people. It is very important that you understand the imagery and language that Jesus spoke and also the apostles…. You will find that here!!! Absolutely loved it.

  4. Tara

    Love the commentary in this Bible, I read it daily. But I do miss the read letters that most New Testaments have.

  5. Dave

    Font is too small !

  6. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I bought this Bible for my husband and he absolutely loves and treasures this Bible so much. We both love learning from Perry Stone and there is alot to learn inside. Thank You Perry Stone for putting this together and making it available to the people.

  7. Dale Hile

    I received both the old and new testaments as a gift, and I have to say these are of the highest quality! I have several really good study bibles,but the amount of information in these would take a person years to study out! Thank you Perry for the work you do for God,and helping teach his people.

  8. Linda Vanord (verified owner)

    I woke up this morning and I have just received my bible I love it I love it I love it, this bible is a blessing to me I am looking forward to my study time and all I can say is thank you so much I hope to get the old testament soon as I live on a limited monthly income but I am going to splurge and get it asap thank you again for spending time to do this with the bible’s it is going to help me understand more. I watch manna fest all the time now and wow such wisdom and anointing on this man of God. I pray for blessing upon him, his family and ministry. GOD bless

  9. Steve

    I to agree, would rather see this Bible Translated in the
    NKJV. Heard that its a Wonderful Study Bible.
    5 Star Rating, sadly I don’t read KJV.

  10. Stephen

    I purchased this Bible, I absolutely love it.

  11. Jonathan

    Like to have a NKJV version too

  12. Lance Wood

    This is one of the best study bibles ever. I have many bibles in my library. This is the one I choose to use. I am a Sunday School teacher and use the bible in studying for my lessons. I am proud to study the King James Version. I do not need a WATERED down version. I like to get in the spirt and ask God to help me with understanding. Sadly many young folks do not know how to get the mind of Christ. They want to moan and cry about versions. Sorry Perry, I have been reading a little Shambach today and feel bold in my review. Keep running that race brother. I thank God for VOE. That city on hill, Shinning the light for Christ. Well Done!!!

  13. Jeff Beamish

    I only go three stars because of the translation, NOT the excellent commentary! The KJV is the worst choice of translations today. Easter, “straightened in my bowels” just hard to understand and one shouldn’t have to have a dictionary just to read a passage. I understand there are copyright issues with the modern translations but find a good one, ESV, NKJV, NASB, for example and use it. It will benefit anyone reading it. Even in your oral teaching you are constantly having to explain the KJV when just by using a modern translation would be so much clearer.

  14. Faye Goggins (verified owner)

    Just received my Bible, and am SO HAPPY. It is beautiful, easy to read, and a good size. I will definitely be studying much more since having this gift to myself for my 60th birthday! I thank GOD For it and For Perry Stone and his ministry and teachings; for sharing his knowledge with many eager students. I will cherish and treasure this Bible, the rest of my life.

  15. Ali

    I’ve no doubt that Perry’s notations or “nuggets” are worthy but was disappointed about its being in the KJ version of the Bible–I’m still surprised that so many people do not understand that the King James version is a translation like the the NASB and others mentioned here which I believe are superior to the more archaic Old English of the KJ version. Even the paraphrased versions like the Good News Bible are more helpful, especially for new Christians; in my experience, being encouraged with understanding the content of the Bible means going on to deeper study for most, if not all of us. I thoroughly love and trust Perry Stone and want to thank him for his years of service to God and mankind. I could not give him a bad rating on anything. 🙂

  16. George Robert Black

    There were a number of complaints of the study bibles being in KJV. The first study bible I bought was an “Open Study Bible”, and it was printed in the KJV. I spent numerous hours of study in this Bible most nights, and it came to pass that not only was I able to understand this translation quite well, but I was also able to enjoy it quite well as well 🙂

  17. Sherri Tribble

    I have the partner editions and they are just so beautiful and well written. I am being blessed!

  18. clifford loomis

    I just got my Old Test. and I love it, the King James was perfect translation for this study bible, Many Christians have a problem with KJ, The KJ Bible forces you to really study and pay attention with Prayer, Many Christians are Lazy when it comes to study, and wants others to study for them, that’s why they buy easier versions to understand.

  19. Gwen

    (Name), I do believe my Bible says not to judge others. I do not consider myself a lazy person when it comes to my personal Bible Study, which I do on a regular basis. I have several translations and I read and refer to all of them from times to time as I do my studying. I do not want to read the Bible, I want to study God’s inspired word and I do not want to move forward until I understand what I have read, even if it’s only one verse a night. Otherwise what is the point other than saying that I have read 5 chapters in one setting which has not benefited me at all, and if I have to read other translations to understand, that’s what I will do or call a trusted Christian friend or my son. And I would not consider that to be lazy. Unfortunately I am not the sharpest tool in the shed but I do not let that keep
    me from my personal time with my Savior. My husband is not a believer so I study on my on during the week. The KJV is difficult for me due to the old English as I tend to lose my train of thought when I read/study the KJV. I do prefer NKJV even though some may say it’s a watered down version or I’m a lazy Christian with my personal study time. Nevertheless I do spend time with my Lord and Savior and I always pray for the Holy Spirit to guide, help, teach me, illuminate the pages for me and to glean what whatever he wants me to know at any given time. So with this being said, I disagree with you and what I consider important is that we all study God’s word the best way we know how.

    Now if I did not study, that would be considered lazy in my book.

    I do give this 5 stars because it is God’s word.

  20. Donovan Bartlow

    5 stars

  21. Sharon Lee

    Recently received the Old Testament Bible. Love it so much that I’m on Perry’s website this morning ordering the New Testament. Can’t hardly wait to receive it. Thank you so much Perry for the effort you’ve put into these works. They make studying God’s Word much easier for me. Thanks again.

  22. Matt

    Just thank the man for his hard work and years of patience and study just to educate us. In Jesus name a men. Ps if it’s too hard Hobby lobby has a comic book version with pictures

  23. Ben R

    I have been engaging with both the Old and New Testament study bibles since they were released to partners. The volume of information and spiritually insightful information will take years to digest. It is sooo good! I am grateful the Lord put so many powerful insights on Perry’s heart as a spirit filled man, and even more astounded that Perry could capture so much inspiration and study in writing for the rest of us! This is truly a legacy that will impact generations should the Lord tarry. I am praying VOE also releases an electronic version. I am part of the younger generation, and my study usually starts with electronic versions of the bible that include Strongs integrations. I would love and gladly pay again for an Olive Tree Bible integrated Perry Stone Commentary KJV so I could compare the Greek and Hebrew as his commentary was displayed in context with the passages. This is by far my favorite way to study. I usually find myself going from integrated message to integrated message and without Perry’s work being electronically accessible it makes those rabbit trails harder to follow!

  24. Yolanda Johnson

    I have the Hebraic Prophetic Old Testament Study Bible and I just love it; however, once the Hebraic Prophetic New Testament Study Bible translated in either the NASB or the NKJV I will be happy to purchase it. Please let me know. Can’t wait…….

  25. Chapin Walton

    I love this Bible. I personally am not fond of KJV as others mention (I am more for Peshitta primacy myself – but we can’t change God’s word! The’ve tried). That plays little into it though in this amazing Bible. As when I can’t understand Perry has put in Major Amounts of Info he’s gained from God and the blessing to his family of Ministers (4 Generations). Its amazing quality and a great resource. I highly recommend it for everyone and their Bible Study!

  26. Bob

    KJV. Let’s relax you guys. First, give Perry Stone credit. Perhaps there are copy right costs and restrictions by working other versions that would increase customer cost as well as place potential restrictions on what is allowed; meaning, Perry Stone has kept himself as independent as possible. Also, KJV is a great version: 1) there are so many other incredible reference works that are linked to it, including other versions; 2) what is the big deal with just keeping one of your other versions handy as you read; after all, we are purchasing the invaluable information. 3) Really, I wish Perry would write an definitive commentary on the entire Bible noting everything he knows about Hebraic origins of the Word. Anyway, keep doing what you are doing Perry Stone. God bless you man!

  27. Alesia

    I love everything about these bibles. The covers, colors, weight of the paper, and the formatting. I saw someone had a complaint about the size of the font being too small. It is my belief the font had to be small in order to fit all of your years of material into these bibles. Can you imagine the weight of the Old Testament if the font were larger? I would not want to have to carry it around.

    I am thoroughly amazed and feeling totally blessed at owning these treasures. I cannot imagine being able to read through, before the Father calls me home, all the extra information included in these volumes.

    Thank you, Perry, for taking the time to get these bibles in print. May you continue to experience God’s Presence, favor and blessings in all you put your voice, hands & feet to for His glory.

    Please forgive my inclusion of the Old Testament in this review.

  28. Peter

    Perry Stone was right in choosing the King James version, especially as a study Bible for serious study.

    Many have wrongly believed using thees & thous and similar language in the King James Bible clouds the translational meaning, and only existed culturally during the King James time period, therefore it should be done away with due to its outdated and archaic nature. In actuality, the thees & thous (as well as other words) were not in use during the time the 47 translators started their work in 1604 to translate the King James Bible. The KJV translators collectively decided to use the thees & thous (and other words), even though no one used them anymore, because it contributed to better translational accuracy and clarity of understanding.

    A cheat sheet for the ‘thees’ and ‘thous’ is:
    Thee, Thou, Thy, Thine = Singular
    You, Ye, Your, Yours = Plural

    Note: Biblical Greek and Hebrew maintain a clear distinction between singular and plural personal pronouns and adjectives, as does the English used in the King James Bible.

    The manuscripts used in the KJV version have never been in question, as compared to many Bibles translated since 1881 which have incorporated manuscripts with questionable origin or even highly suspected as forgeries by admitted master forgers.

  29. J. Scott Burman (verified owner)

    I always had trouble with KJV, however I like the NKJV but I decided to let God help me with the KJV and each time I have read the old testament KJV twice and the new testament 4 times, God opens up his word each time I start over reading each testament. Now I look forward to having a bible that I can read and study at the same time. Never say I can’t where God is involved only the enemy would want us to think that way. Remember, I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me, including reading the KJV. I look forward to receiving the New Testament and having many of Pastor Perry Stones DVDs, CDs, etc, I have no doubt this will be just as great. God bless to all.

  30. Columbus Neece (verified owner)

    I noticed many complaints on which translation Perry used. I’m confused as to the upset when seemingly there isn’t a need. I can use any other translation of preference or several translations online. As people may or may not know. If one uses a translation other than KJV you will find you get into copyright and licensing issues especially in a complete Bible in the version chosen. It seems as though Perry did this study Bible in order to keep it cost effective for everyone that may want it yet keeping it of quality.

  31. Chad (verified owner)

    Excellent quality! The commentary and nuggets are exceptional. Love the KJV. Soo good, I came back and purchased the Old Testament volume the same day I received my New Testament edition!

  32. Timothy Murray (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing job and work you’ve done on this!
    A real treasure and resource!
    Don’t listen to the complaining about KJV, it’s the best there is.
    Gonna read it all I can!
    God bless

  33. Kimberly Fox (verified owner)

    Thank you, Perry, very much for your hard work and commitment to God Almighty! This is a real treasure for anyone who wants to study and learn more of the precious, precious Word. You bless us with many nuggets that help give us a desire to want to know more; and to understand more of our God, our Heavenly Father who loves us more than we can even fully understand. Thank you again, for all you do as a servant of God. I highly recommend this Bible, and also that you get the companion to it – OT that Perry did! Kim

  34. Scotty Kelley (verified owner)

    Thank you Bro. Perry for this work……. Although nothing is more precious than the Word of God it is definitely a blessing to have access to wonderful works that help bring understanding of the Word. This Bible by Bro Perry is an excellent study tool to help not only understand the Bible better but also helpful in putting together ideas for your own sermons and lessons. Excellent quality and I love the print layout of the commentary and notes

  35. Jess

    This New Testament bible is beautiful. It is well bound. The cover allows for movement and is of excellent quality. It was clearly designed to last. Now onto the content…The commentary is excellent!!!! The layout, font size, color choice, and maps in the back are great. I am saving up to buy the Old Testament commentary. Hopefully, I’ll still be able to find a copy! Though I was raised reading the KJV, it was never my favourite, but Pastor Perry explains everything really clearly. When read in conjunction with other translations (like the NLT), you’ll notice that you aren’t missing anything. He has explained the content so well, that reading the commentary is almost like reading another translation. The additional information or “nuggets” are brilliant. I thank God for this study bible! It’s really helpful! Just excellent! Thank you Pastor Perry!

  36. Jessica Crouse

    I have recently received both my Old and New Testament Study Bibles and I love them. I feel truly blessed to have invested in the Lord’s work. It is a small price to pay for ABBA’s Word which is priceless. I’m very glad that ABBA put it on the heart of Mr. Perry Stone to share his years of knowledge with the world. I have learned so much from watching Manna-Fest, and now I am studying the study bibles. Well done Pastor Stone. May ABBA continue blessing you, your family and ministry.🕊

  37. Mary Edna Parish

    For those critics of the KJV, just get Perry’s Bibles and find out all that you are missing by refusing to use a KJV. I have many versions at home, but I always am drawn back to KJV and will consult another translation or commentary if there is something I would like clarified. Perry’s Bibles are absolutely awesome, as they clarify for you. You just have no idea what you are missing. These are awesome Bibles to own.

  38. Paula

    Love the old testament one I got so far. Ordering New Testament. I prefer KJV and use others for different insights only. Thank you for making them. Just what I learned in Genesis was awesome. Never though of God speaking to Adam in Hebrew. Even though he understands all languages

  39. Albert

    I read and love the authorized version. The beauty of the language and the Hebrews commentary complement each other.

  40. RG

    Perry obviously worked and prayed hard to bring us this yet all I see are reviews whining that it is KJV! Are you not aware that many of the other versions were translated by evil men? Men that omitted or changed verses to water the Bible down? These changes have opened the door to false teachers! They are leading many of you so called “Christians” astray but you don’t have a clue because of your lack of understanding. Jesus is coming back soon, looking for Believers! Are you a Believer or a powerless, misguided, backstabbing “Christian”? Here is the definition of a Believer… Mark 16:15-18 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
    He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
    And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;
    They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. Time is short! You need to decide who you are trying to please. Is it man or God?

  41. Noi (verified owner)

    Wow–this is nice! Font is fine, paper is nice weight–you could use a colored pencil to highlight it. And LOTS of extra nuggets from Perry–I mean to tell you a LOT of notes! And an extra article at the end of every book too. I’m gonna get the Old testament now!

  42. David (verified owner)

    So You know why he probably did the King James Version? He knew that most lexicons are for KJV and the words of a NKJV are made easier to read, BUT you loss of some original meanings (still the same though). He probably also knew you guys would look up Hebrew and Greek meanings which I think you guys should! Download a Strong’s Concordance for free or buy one! It’s the best time studying something. Hebrew and Greek words have more than one meaning.

  43. David (verified owner)

    The(let’s face it) sermons at the end of the books are….just you a special man Perry! He probably choose the KJV of the Bible because it has the original translations meaning the NKJV is made to be to be more palitable. NKJV is my fave but good call on this one to because if you wanted to study root words(which is actually fun)then you can with this cause most lexicons like a Strong’s Concordance only use KJV;) God bless you guys and God bless your congregation!

  44. Jerry Lee Robbins

    Ever since I purchased my Hebraic Prophetic Study BIBLE I am amazed at it’s contents. I thought so much of it I bought one for my BROTHER IN CHRIST and he is thrilled also. I understand some have problems with the old english but since I cut my teeth on the KJV and in my opinion some of the other translations SOME, LACK THAT SOMETHING special.

  45. Kim

    Love perry stone 💞 wish I could afford the other one. I’m happy with the new testament.

  46. D Eldon

    Thank you, Perry Stone, for using the KJV translation for your Study Bible. It is disappointing to see so many comments here against the KJV and it shows a profound ignorance about the accurate translation of God’s holy words and their amazing history. It is a shame that this ignorance exists and the blame rests upon the Protestant Church, itself, for surrendering its guardianship and safekeeping of God’s words to secular publishers while neglecting to preserve and transmit the relevant history. If space permitted here (it does not), I could demonstrate how most modern translations are less accurate and include a variety of deceptions (often Gnostic dilutions of the divinity of Jesus) because the translators involved were not believers, did not possess the Holy Spirit and, in may cases, did not believe in the divinity of Jesus nor miracles. Sadly, popular modern translations like the NKJV and NASB are not immune to these problems (of the two, the NASB is the least accurate, but both contain deceptive notes in their margins). The first thing that readers need to understand about the KJV is that, when the KJV text seems obscure, it is often not the fault of “archaic” English. The KJV closely follows William Tyndale’s 1525-1535 early Modern English translation of the New Testament and about half of the Old Testament. During this time, the English language was in flux with many inconsistencies regarding spelling and syntax. Tyndale’s translation was so good that most of the Reformation Era English Bibles (including the KJV) were based upon it, resulting in a standardization of Modern English. Tyndale incorporated many Hebrew and Greek idioms from the original texts of the Bible into English (God originally used Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek when He “breathed” His holy words to mankind). In most cases, this is why the KJV seems to use out-of-date English. It has less to do with archaic English and more to do with unfamiliar Hebrew and Greek idioms. This is why many still prize the KJV for its accuracy—in many cases (but not all) it more accurately translates the literal meaning of God’s original words when compared to modern paraphrases. In cases where today’s Modern English is different from the early Modern English of the KJV, the change has been bad. For example, giving up “thou” (singular) and “ye” (plural) removed the distinction between number when using second-person pronouns. Today, we use “you” and cannot tell the difference when singular or plural are used, except by context. But sometimes the context can allow either and this muddles our understanding since we cannot be sure if Jesus (for example) is talking to one specific person or the entire group. Besides, the obscure passages in the KJV are easy to explain. Is the KJV the best English translation available today? No. Better Modern English translations exist but they are unfamiliar to most Christians and none are perfect (no translation is).

  47. Noah (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing book. Don’t let that KJV freak you out, he does a great job of making you understand. If your trying to go in depth into the Bible get this book.

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