Prophecies Encoded in Heavens Package



Manna-Fest Offer# EH-71 – “Cosmic Signs-Prophecy Encoded in the Heavens”

This package includes DVD “Prophecies Encoded in the Heavens” and a single audio CD “Unlocking the Maranatha Code.

There is a cosmic serpent in the heavens, and an emblem of a virgin and a lion. Moses wrote in Genesis 1:14 that God created the heavens for signs and seasons. What is God's message hidden in the heavens? Why did Jesus say there would be signs in the sun, moon, and stars before his return? Learn the answer to these and many more intriguing questions on Perry Stone's DVD, Prophecies Encoded in the Heavens!

Perry traces Hebraic history to prove how God revealed the original meanings of the signs of the heavens to Adam, his son Seth, and to Enoch. He explains how the 12 main constellations are star pictures revealing the history of redemption and God's plan to defeat Satan and his kingdom. Hear about the astonishing signs before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, and how these signs are repeating themselves in our time.

Learn how tsunamis and hurricanes are a sign from Luke 21 of the closing of the Gentile age. See how the last four heavenly signs in the circuit of heaven encode key future events predicted in the book of Revelation!

Also included in this offer is a single audio CD message, Unlocking the Maranatha Code. On this CD, Perry explains the 1,500 year mis-calculation made by the early church fathers that distorted the timing of the last days. Learn why prophetic theology concerning Christ's return was changed in the fifth century. Some church leaders eventually changed the futuristic view of the book of Revelation into an allegory. You will see how and why the truth of the Rapture was restored after the American Civil War, and how America has been chosen by God to restore the maranatha (or second coming) message!

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