Prophecy Now – 6 CD Set


In response to many questions on prophecy as well as questions on difficult topics, Perry assembled this selection of messages.
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In response to many questions and difficult subject matters or situations, Perry Stone personally selected these five messages to bundle together into this audio album.

Messages include:

Living on Earth When your Heart is in Heaven – There are no children in hell; they are in heaven. Learn scriptures and reasons God sometimes takes a child at a young age.

Can Believers Alter the Prophetic Future? – There is a teaching that Christians can repent and change future tribulation. Is it true that our spiritual authority controls prophetic events?

Prophetic Insight into the Crescent Revolution – Discover the prophetic and spiritual significance of the uprisings in the Middle East. This prepares these nations for the Kingdom of the Beast.

The Mystery of the First Fruits of the Dead – This reveals the mystery and power of the resurrection and how Christ was the first fruits of the dead!

What is the Battle of Armageddon?  Perry details Biblical and historical insight into the place, timing, and events surrounding this “mother of all battles”.

Also included with this album is a bonus musical CD called The Music of Heaven – The Sounds of the Harp. A refreshing and relaxing CD to use for prayer, meditating on the Lord, and private Bible study!


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