Purging Your House


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From these teachings you learn:

  • How Satan selects his victims even as they are children
  • Perry's personal testimony of a six-month mental attack at age 18 by demonic spirits
  • How the enemy gains access into your home through images and imaginations
  • 8 things you should remove from your house
  • 4 things Christ's blood can do as it forms a protective hedge
  • Things that attract evil spirits and must be dealt with
  • How music can clean the atmosphere where you are sleeping
  • How to anoint your house and place the word on the doorpost

and much, much more. Perry also shares personal stories not shared with his television audience of how he dealt with bizarre warfare through the years and what the Lord taught him through each attack. Perry will take you into his house where he and Bill Cloud reveal how to place the Word of God on the doorpost of your home.

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