Re-examining the Apocalypse Package


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Manna-Fest package RX-82 entitled “Re-examining the Apocalypse Package” is now available! Until recently, there were many Biblical prophecies that scholars did not take literally, or they didn ‘t understand how they could come to pass. On his NEW 2 hour DVD, Re-examining the Apocalypse in the 21st Century, Perry Stone opens the book of Revelation to explain many prophecies as they relate to the 21st century, including unusual Old Testament prophecies now being fulfilled for the first time. The DVD also includes a study on the Mark of the Beast, the three frog spirits in Revelation chapter 16, and the identity of the woman riding the beast in chapter 17. Will the lamb with two horns in Revelation 13 be an apostate Pope, as many Catholics teach? This special offer also includes a NEW audio CD by Perry Stone, The Spirit of Antichrist is Already at Work. This very important prophetic message exposes in detail the eschatology of the Prince of Darkness, and Satan ‘s detailed end-time plan to create his own prophetic agenda.

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