Releasing the Power of the Blessing


Three messages preached by Perry and selected to include in this “Releasing blessings” series. Explaining the significance of transferring the blessing, blessing the children and financial blessing over our children.

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This DVD includes three powerful, life-inspiring messages taught by Perry Stone at OCI. Selected by Perry for this special DVD – messages on the importance and significance of blessing your children.

The Power of Transferring the Blessing – There is a spiritual principle established in the days of the patriarchs that special blessings were released when Fathers laid hands upon the sons and spoke a prophetic word concerning their future destiny. This same principle applies today. Perry will explain the power of transferring the blessing.

The Revelation of Jesus on Blessing Children – Jesus took time to lay hands upon and bless children. What was the reason for this and discover why this special blessing for children should be put into practice by parents, grandparents and ministers. There is a special prayer that my father always prayed over us for years that I believe is a powerful prayer for children.

Shut the Holes in Your Money Bag – The prophet Haggai warned Israel they were putting their money in a bag with holes. Many Christians can barely make ends meet at the conclusion of each month. Discover the leaks in your financial blessings and how to close the holes that are eating away at your financial increase.

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