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Get equipped to conquer the battles you are facing with this, “The “Spiritual Power Games” Manna-Fest offer! This offer includes 3 resources, Perry's book, “Living with a Man in Two Worlds”, a 2 audio CD album, “Games Demons Play” and a single audio CD, “5 Questions Satan Hopes you Never Ask!”

This book was written from the viewpoint of Perry’s wife, Pam Stone. In it you will discover firsthand their journey in ministry which started out as an evangelist and grew into the international ministry of Perry Stone Ministries. Follow along as Pam shares their personal story and experiences from the beginning. Understand some of the challenges and many victories in their walk and journey. Discover the faith and spiritual growth as they together accepted the call of the Lord and the blessing that obedience has brought to their lives. This is a wonderful collection of stories and events portraying their journey in ministry.

With this book comes the “Games Demons Play” audio album which includes the messages – When Spirits Play Power Games and When Spirits Cause Men to Snap. Often when demonic spirits are involved in warfare they go undetected or undiscerned by those unfamiliar with their “games” or strategies. These 2 messages are unique and important to expose the “spirits” often linked to strange warfare.

The third and final message in this package is a single audio CD message entitled, “5 Questions Satan hopes You Never Ask”. This asks and answers the five questions – Can Satan read your mind? ,Can a Christian be demon possessed?, Does Satan have the authority to kill me or my family?, Does Satan know God’s will for my life and can he hinder it?, Does Satan understand my prayer language when I pray?

You will receive all 3 of these resources bundled together in this single Manna-Fest offer! You will enjoy and be blessed with this powerful weapon for your arsenal!

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