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The Holy Spirit Series is a special offer which includes 2 powerful 2-CD album teachings on the Holy Spirit.

In this offer you receive the 2-CD album, “Keys to Receiving the Holy Spirit along with the 2-CD album, “How to Flow in the Gifts of the Spirit.” Many full gospel ministers no longer instruct their members on the necessity and significance of receiving the Holy Spirit. During Perry's ministry thousands have experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. On this 1st of 2 albums, Perry answers many questions concerning the Holy Spirit and keys to receiving this powerful promise of the Father!

The 2nd album, How to Flow in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is a wonderful 2-CD teaching in which Perry and his father,Fred Stone share and teach about the nine gifts of the spirit. Fred Stone saw all 9 gifts operate during his ministry. Lean about these 9 gifts and how to receive and use them!

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