Spying Out the Battle Plans Before War


A powerful message with insight and revelation to set yourself up for victory and change the outcome of a battle being strategized against you!

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Learn how to prepare for a battle before the battle reaches you!

Would the outcome of a battle change if…

  • We were never caught off guard?
  • We have Inside information?
  • We knew how to head off the enemy?

The answer is YES! Divine Inclination, Divine Information, and Divine Preparation are three factors that can alter the outcome of a coming battle.

There are weapons and tools to prepare for a coming battle. A few of them shared in this message;

  • Spiritual Discernment
  • Confirmation from a godly person
  • Look for the enemy to overplay his hand –  encountering dreams  and how to determine if a dream is from God
  • Supernatural Assistance – Spiritual guidance from time in prayer

This powerful message shares insight and revelation on setting yourself up for victory in a battle being strategized against you!

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