Strange Cosmic Harbingers



Perry will decipher the meaning of unusual prophetic scriptures concerning numerous cosmic signs, explaining how the sun will become dark over 1/3 of the earth, and how solar flares, asteroids, and hydrogen explosions can fulfill key prophetic warnings, including predictions of global black-outs and the possible impact on power grids.

Discover how the lunar cycles reveal historical and future miracles occurring in Israel, and how three specific blood moon cycles are linked with the three major outpourings of the Holy Spirit. Perry examines the time frame between the years 2020 and 2032, including possible asteroid strikes, and how it may fit into the great tribulation scenario. In this amazing study see how God marked Satan's defeat in the heavenly constellations and the possible signs of the Son of Man in heaven. Perry will list nine preparation plans required for believers living in the last days.

This DVD is part of package offer HB-116 offered on Manna-Fest.

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