The Generation of the Signs


6 Messages that could not be broadcast to the general public to avoid harassment at the stations in other countries and avoid unnecessary persecution. Available only on CD.
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Our Manna-fest program is aired in 249 countries of the world, including areas where people live with an anti-Christian bias, rule the governments, and control the media. Some messages, if preached on television, can cause harassment at the stations in these countries, and bring unnecessary persecution against the station employees. Also, some messages about America can even create scrutiny toward our ministry from our own government. In this series are six messages I preached in regional conferences that I would not preach on television, and we are making them available to you.

Titles include:

• America: 7 Dangers If We Don’t Wake Up

• Will the Dragon Devour the Eagle?

• The Ezekiel Cipher: Coming Events with Israel

• The Dangerous Re-formation of the American Empire

• Soul Ties and Political Spirits

• Israel: Between Barack and a Hard Place.

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