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Perry’s book, The Visions shares visions taken from his personal dream and vision journal, He believes now is the time to share them publicly. They reveal what was, what is, and what is to come. In addition, in this offer you receive 2-CD album, “The Coming Battle of the Two Marks.”



Perry’s book, The Visions released in 2022 shares visions taken from Perry Stone’s personal dream and vision journal, He believes now is the time to share them publicly. They reveal what was, what is, and what is to come.

Topics included in this book:

  •  The history of ancient oracles, God’s use of seers to reveal the future, and the ways God spoke to pagan leaders through dreams and visions
  •  Visions of cremation ovens
  •  Visions of burning cities, including New York City
  •  Fred Stone’s vision of an East Coast nuclear attack from Russian submarines
  •  Fred Stone’s warning of a terrorist attack on the Capitol in DC
  •  Warning of a terrorist attack on a public school
  •  Tsunami visions and the areas they hit
  •  A vision of a nuclear event followed by a stock market collapse
  •  A vision of empty city streets and no travel
  •  A vision of a biological weapon attack in London
  •  Visions of an earthquake in Saint Louis and surrounding areas
  •  The end-time attack on Christians and churches
  •  Political leaders without God’s favor, Trump 2024 parallels, and America’s division
  •  Rules and wisdom principles for surviving and thriving at the time of the end

  With this book you will receive Perry's 2-CD album, “The Coming Battle of the Two Marks” explaining in detail the coming Mark of the Beast and the Seal (or the Mark of God) which are both alluded to in the book of Revelation.

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10 reviews for The Visions Package

  1. Greg Morgan (verified owner)

    I just watched “An Urgent Prophetic Update from Perry Stone” on the YouTube channel. It was very illuminating. I thought that I would order this offer to have more time to think about all that was presented on YouTube video. I must say that having this kind of information adds to the peace that I already have through Jesus.


    I love it!

  3. Sheila Brooks

    I watched Perry Stone. THE VISIONS PACKAGE. Loved the program. Want to order it what is the phone number to call, thought it was 180021BREAD. But it wouldn’t go through

    • Denver Morton

      Hi Sheila,

      The number is 888-21BREAD.


  4. Justin Wood

    Perry Stone has a great, down-to-earth way of writing and relating things that make the information easy to understand and very readable! I love the man, his books, his ministry, and all that God is doing through him and everyone in the ministry!

  5. Michelle Buchanan

    Brother Perry Stone and His Family are True Men and Women and Children of God, and I thank God in Jesus Christ Name for them 🥰

  6. Catherine Wickwire

    Being a Canadian I have come to “see” the interpretation of the Lords’ concerning those events about to happen.

  7. Cynthia Butler (verified owner)

    The first time I read through the book, I was disappointed and found some of the dreams, visions, and interpretations questionable. After reading the book again i was impressed with the up-to-date information about the 2020 election and agree with the authors views and observations. Also, the advice in the last few chapters is great and everyone needs to read them in these trying times and be encouraged. It is a good book with food for thought.

  8. Leisa Amorosa

    I haven’t read the book yet; I am ordering it today. I can tell you this, Perry Stone is anointed by God and his visions are prophetic, and when he gets a Word from God, you can take it to the bank, it will come to pass!

  9. Iva Smith

    Love Perry Stone , he is so annointed by God.

  10. Iva Smith

    He is annoited by God

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