This Season of Angels


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One of Perry’s most requested books, This Season of Angels piques the interest of many on the topic of angels!   In this study Perry answers many questions including:

  • How can I discern if an angel is present?
  • Why do angels appear in dreams and yet look like men and not angels with wings?
  • Early Christians taught there is an angel of healing. Explain this and what is his name?
  • When a loved one dies, does a death angel enter their room and remove their spirit?
  • How do angels help me battle demonic activity attacking my family?
  • What is the Bible basis for asking angels to help reach my unsaved family members?
  • How are angels involved in bringing answers to my prayers?

These and many more questions are answered in Perry Stone’s landmark book, This Season of Angels! Discover how global prophetic activity increases angelic activity in the last days through visions and dreams. Learn from Genesis 19 how angels, at times, can appear in human form. Perry also answers 21 questions about angels, including Biblical evidence that at times animals can see or sense an angel and how parents can pray and ask God for angels to guard and protect children. This 207 page, hard-cover book contains twelve dynamic chapters that explores fascinating truth that will enlighten your understanding on the subject of angels.

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