Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled Book #7


This volume of the Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled series focuses on Cosmic signs and how it relates to national leadership.
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This is the 7th book from Dr. Stone's Unusual Prophecies being Fulfilled Series. This book is entitled, “Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled – 2015 and Beyond: Cosmic Prophecies for the Last Days.”

Many concerns and predictions related to certain calendar years are shared in this book. Will the strange cosmic alignment predicted for 2012 impact the earth's magnetic field? What about the strange cosmic signs falling on double years in 2015? (Jewish Feast Days) In his book Dr. Stone documents new insight that he has researched which includes how cosmic signs have affected kings and national leaders. He reveals the birth pains of the Messiah and the possible “sign of the son of man” now visible in heaven!

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