Unusual Prophecy Being Fulfilled Book #3


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Book three in Perry Stone’s prophetic series, Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled, explores America’s prophetic past, present, and future. You will read evidence of how ancient Israel and America are twin nations of prophetic destiny. Explore the Judeo-Christian link of our Founding Fathers, and America’s amazing link to the ancient Roman Empire! In this book Perry reveals: How America is the continuation of the ancient Roman Empire, how America is the New Rome – until the next empire of prophecy comes, the seven-fold prophecy predicting a woman’s rise to power before Christ’s return, how the ghost of Sodom is rising again, how the spirit of Ishmael is impacting America’s youth, and the selective judgment on America’s coastlines. Perry also reveals the number one organization in America that is out to destroy Christianity in the public sphere and make America a godless secular state! This is the most important project dealing with America that Perry has ever produced. Every Christian who loves our country should read this book.

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