USB My Personal List: 25 Most Important Prophetic Messages


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This USB contains 25 of Perry's prophetic messages. The message titles included:

•  Kingdom Rules for End-Time Intercessors
•  End Time Patterns Concealed in the Tabernacle
•  Yom Hakeseh Mystery of the Hidden Day
•  The Timeline of the Great Tribulation
•  The Mystery of the Great Sabbatismos
•  The Third Temple and How It Will Impact the World
•  Apocalyptic Harbinger-Concealed Now Revealed
•  Will Jesus Return on a Jewish Festival?
•  Jewish Festivals Concealed in Our Last Year in Heaven
•  The 5 Laws of the Rapture Revelation
•  Why God Hid the Catching Away for 4,000 Years
•  America: Who Released the Spirit of Lawlessness?
•  America’s Parallels to the Maccabean Revolt
•  America’s Parallels with Jerusalem from AD 66 to AD 77
•  Prophetic Patterns in Israel’s Harvest Cycles
•  The Apocalypse Made Easy to Understand
•  Should a Christian Be a Prepper?
•  God’s Determinate Council – God’s Political Intervention with Angels
•  The Amazing 70-Year Cycle and Israel’s Fullness
•  The Spirit of Antichrist Now Attacking Believers
•  The Third Anointing- To Wrestle and Prevail
•  The Mystery of the Parousia
•  Three Groups of People that Will Miss the Rapture
•  Concealed Messages for Us From the Angels Who Delivered Lot
•  A Biblical Response to Aliens & UFOs

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