Esau married three wives, including Bashmeath, the daughter of Ishmael (v. 3). Esau settled in Mount Seir, the area of modern-day Jordan. Today, the Jordan River is the boundary between Israel and Jordan. The area where Esau lived included the land of Moab, which was populated by tribal people called the Moabites. Throughout Israel’s history, the Moabites were enemies of the Jews.
Esau’s son, Eliphaz, had a son named Amalek (v. 12). Amalek’s sons became the Amalekites, who attacked Israel when Moses was leading the nation through the wilderness and out of Egypt (see Exod. 17). Ishmael’s sons settled predominantly in the current Gulf States and Arabia. Esau’s sons lived in the desert areas includ- ing Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon.
Rabbis identify the end-time prophetic battles involving Israel with Amalek, and they identify this name with the nations that emerged from ancient Rome.

From Page 62 of the Perry Stone Hebraic Prophetic Old Testament Study Bible

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