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Run to the Father

You Are Not Exempted But You Are Victories

People feel that if they are in God’s will, they are exempt from problems. Others believe that if they have favor of God, everything will always go right. This is not true. Sometimes, even with favor, we will experience troubles. The reason I know I am blessed is not because I keep making it through […]
Run to the Father

Knowing The Father’s Voice

“Whatever the Father does, the Son does likewise.” Jn 5:19 Jesus acted as a translator. He got His message from the Father, then translated it to those around Him. He heard a voice others were missing. And because He could hear it, He acted differently. Remember when everyone was troubled about the blind man? Jesus […]
Run to the Father

Equipped for Battle

All Christians are called to be good soldiers for Christ. Remember: we all have trials and battles. But those who understand the specific purpose of each piece of armor, those who clothe themselves in the full armor of God every day, are victorious in battle. You must be clothed with salvation, sanctification, righteousness, and the […]