How many times have you shirked away from telling our story because you believed it didn’t matter? That’s exactly what the enemy would want you to believe: that your story doesn’t matter. The story of what God has done in you has the power to change lives. The power to point to Jesus.

The Bible says that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of our testimony.

Your story matters.

What God has done in you matters.

The world needs to hear your voice.

Tell people who God has been to you. Who you were before you met Him? Who you are now? Be like the blind man in John 9:25 who said, “I just know one thing: I used to be blind, but now I can see.” You have no idea who needs your story. You have no idea who is waiting on you to tell them what Jesus has done. There’s power in your story. Tell your story.

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