This is how I received a prophetic anointing: I began to long to see the love of God accelerated and lavished on the humanity Jesus had died for. By the time I was twenty-six, I had impartation after impartation (hands laid on me) from other prophetic people and leaders in the body of Christ. I was functioning really well in prophetic ministry, but I knew there was more. I was hungry to see the transformative power of God not just encourage the world, but change it! Jesus paid too high a price for us to reduce our prophetic gifting to a few encouraging words; I wanted to see the revelation of Jesus manifest all over the earth!

I spent a year reading about everyone who had ever seemed to have a deeper personal connection with God. I read through biographies and autobiographies of modern revival figures, early church figures, the saints, and after each one, I just kept crying out, “I want to know you! I want to be with you! I want this to be a “for real” experience and lifestyle.”

Then one day I heard Jesus say, “I want what you want more than you want it. I want you to be with me and to know me and to encounter me far more than you do!”


In my excitement, I said, “Give me a Scripture that proves this is true and not just my desire!” And he did. He said, “Read what I prayed in John 17:24.”

And there it was! Jesus prayed that we would be with him where he is, that we’d truly know him and that we’d be one with him! I received the grace to pray to know him and see him and experience him, and I was never the same after this.

God’s desires for you will always be stronger than any desire you’ll ever have for Him. He loves you and longs to walk in relationship with you. All you must do is say Yes and go after Him.

He will meet you where you’re at.


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