There is always more. I have said this for years, still in the back of my mind, I guess I thought that somewhere, sometime there would be a conclusion to all that I know and can experience in the Lord and that I would achieve some blissful state of perfection and just have it all. This thinking is wrong and untrue. THERE IS ALWAYS MORE! An example of this in my world recently is love. I love God and I think I love people. I am moved in my heart by the needs of the poor and the passivity of the rich. I give of my time and money and resources to those around me and serve them in the best ways I know how. I feel sympathy, compassion, and sometimes pity for those in painful situations… And I call this love. But what about those, who are out and about in their daily doings, seemingly normal and without need or burden? Do I love them? Or do I just ignore or even tolerate them passing through my little moment of the day? Like the lady pumping gas beside me at the gas station. Do I love her? Honestly, I don’t know that I can wholeheartedly say yes. But I want to. Christ, the Salvation and Hope of Glory inside of me, loves this lady with a love that could change her entire eternity and free her from sin and the grave. And often, I just pump my gas and go on like she doesn’t matter. I’m asking God to change my heart to love others the way He does. There is more… more love… and I want it.


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